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The Beekeeper

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2024/03/16 08:42:27
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The Beekeeper is a 2024 American action thriller film directed by David Ayer and written by Kurt Wimmer. The film stars Jason StathamEmmy Raver-LampmanJosh Hutcherson, Bobby Naderi, Phylicia RashadJemma Redgrave and Jeremy Irons. When his good-hearted landlady commits suicide after losing her charity's funds to a phishing scam, former "Beekeeper" operative Adam Clay sets out on a brutal campaign for revenge upon those responsible.

The Beekeeper was released in the United States by Amazon MGM Studios under the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures label on January 12, 2024. The film received generally positive reviews and has grossed $152.4 million worldwide.

Retired schoolteacher Eloise Parker lives by herself in Massachusetts, but she has a tenant in her barn, Adam Clay, living a quiet life as a beekeeper. One day, Eloise falls for a phishing scam and is robbed of over $2 million, the majority of which belongs to a charity organization she manages. Devastated, she commits suicide. Clay finds her body and is immediately arrested by FBI agent Verona Parker, Eloise's daughter. After Eloise's death is ruled a suicide, Clay is released. Verona tells him the group that robbed Eloise has been on the FBI's radar for a while but is difficult to track. Wanting justice for Eloise, Clay contacts the Beekeepers, a mysterious group, to find the scammers responsible.

Clay receives an address for the scammers: a call center run by Mickey Garnett. Clay scares off the employees and destroys the building. Garnett informs his boss, technology executive Derek Danforth, who sends Garnett to kill Clay. A violent confrontation ensues where Clay kills Garnett's men and severs Garnett's fingers. Garnett calls Danforth while stopped at a bridge, informing him that Clay is a Beekeeper. Having followed Garnett, Clay drags him off the bridge with a truck to his death and warns Danforth that he is coming after him.

Danforth informs former CIA director Wallace Westwyld, who is currently running security for Danforth Enterprises at the request of Derek's mother, Jessica, about Clay. Concerned, Wallace contacts the current CIA director in hopes of stopping Clay. The director contacts the Beekeepers and learns that Clay has retired from the organization. The Beekeepers subsequently declare neutrality after Clay kills the current Beekeeper Anisette Landress sent to kill him. Meanwhile, Verona and her partner, Matt Wiley, anticipate that Clay will deliver an assault on the Nine Star United Center in Boston, which oversees all of Derek's global scam call centers. After informing FBI Deputy Director Prigg that Clay is a Beekeeper, they receive all the support they ask for.

Wallace coordinates a group of ex-special forces personnel, revealing to them that the Beekeepers are a highly skilled and dangerous clandestine human intelligence organization tasked with protecting the United States, operating above and beyond governmental jurisdiction. To have a chance at stopping Clay, Wallace orders the group to secure the inside of the Nine Star Building, while the FBI places their own SWAT team around the perimeter. Danforth's decision to not evacuate the employees enables Clay to quickly defeat the FBI SWAT team and infiltrate the building. After wiping out all of Wallace’s ex-special forces group, Clay proceeds to interrogate the manager, who reveals that Danforth is his boss.

Verona informs FBI Deputy Director Prigg that Danforth runs both companies, which several US government agencies use. Verona also brings up the point that not only will Clay attempt to kill Derek, but he may also kill Jessica, the president of the United States, due to her association with the scam. As Clay eludes capture, Wallace advises Derek to stay with his mother under Secret Service protection.

At the president's beachside mansion, Wallace hires a group of mercenaries, one of whom previously had an encounter with a Beekeeper and lost his leg. Clay infiltrates the mansion, while Jessica learns the truth from Prigg about Derek's exploitation of a CIA program during her presidential campaign. Jessica decides that when Clay approaches, she will tell him and the world the truth about Derek's use of the program. Enraged, Derek kills Prigg and takes his mother hostage. Clay fights his way to the president's office, killing the mercenaries in the process. Wallace talks to Clay to persuade him to turn away at the last moment but fails. Clay eventually reaches her office, being quickly joined by Verona, Matt, and the rest of the FBI agents.

Verona tries to dissuade Clay from killing Jessica and Derek. Derek attempts to kill his mother, but Clay kills him first and escapes through a nearby window and onto the beach. Despite Verona having a clear shot, she decides not to shoot Clay. He flees with the aid of the underwater gear he had hidden on the beach.


Jason Statham as Adam Clay
Emmy Raver-Lampman as Agent Verona Parker
Bobby Naderi as Agent Matt Wiley
Josh Hutcherson as Derek Danforth 
Jeremy Irons as Wallace Westwyld
David Witts as Mickey Garnett
Michael Epp as Pettis
Taylor James as Lazarus
Phylicia Rashad as Eloise Parker
Jemma Redgrave as President Danforth
Minnie Driver as Director Janet Harward
Don Gilet as Deputy Director Prigg
Sophia Feliciano as Kelly Krane
Enzo Cilenti as Rico Anzalone
Megan Le as Anisette Landress
Dan Li as Agent Kim


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