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Hedex Cool

Published by: WebTV
Date: 10/31/2021

Hedex Cool is a business television with winter sports speciffication, but not only and dedicated for those activities where the presence of the customers is important. Through Hedex Cool TV your customers can watch jaw dropping viral videos meantime they are waiting or using Your services.  

We created Hedex Cool for businesses to engage with their customers, and because of this, businesses have seen an immediate return. In our custom made channel we offer a loop of 3 hours or more of viral, familiy friendly video which is updated weekly.

With Hedex Cool  you can instantly upsell your customers with your own ads and this is why, busineses will not only enhance the vibe but you will see as your customers  will come back.

Replace commercial breaks with your promotions.

Suitable for the following businesses: Bars, Restaurants, Gyms & Health Clubs, Medical Waiting Rooms, Hair & Nail Salons, Hotels, Airlines, Spas & Wellness Centers, Casinos, Break Rooms, Veterinary Clinics, Dispensaries, CBD, Vape, Laundromats, etc.

If you wish more information lease contact us at hedex@hedex.tv 






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