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Published by: WebTV
Date: 2020/04/14

HedexTV is a web based OTT television portal operated by HedexTV which brings different type of linear or VOD content in various languages.


HedexTV – Live TV streaming and VOD service you’ve been waiting for

It’s leisure time! Sink into your sofa and access any media content you’re in the mood for on HedexTV. Here you can watch TV online with an abundance of channels to switch between news, entertainment shows, sports, documentaries, and more. They are all free – with no viewing limits.

HedexTV channel lists include the most-watched networks around the world. We stream Euronews, Bloomberg TV, and Sky News Extra to keep you abreast of breaking news of the top picks. You can also choose online TV channels by country, including America, Italy, Spain, Hungary, and Romania. The media content is delivered in various languages to meet all your needs as a viewer.

Watch your fave channels on any Internet-connected device in a cable-free way. HedexTV is always available, whether you’re looking to keep your kid busy with a cartoon or enjoy some fashion show while cuddling up to your loved one. Here you have so many streaming options that you certainly won’t be starved for pastime ideas.

Don’t forget to check out our VOD platform offerings

Don’t you hate it when you have to change your plans because of a TV schedule? You will never have to do that anymore. In addition to watching television online, you can make the most of HedexTV video-on-demand service. It allows you to access any media content at any time.

Here’s how it works:

HedexTV VOD catalogs run the gamut from the best Oscar-winning pictures to less popular yet captivating movies and series. You can access them instantly without any buffering from the moment you hit the “Play” button.

Our on-demand video streaming service is the most convenient option to access the latest and all-time best movies. You can play, pause, and rewatch them as many times as your inner film buff desires. What’s more, VOD is like nothing else for binge-watching. Get access to a raft of episodes at once and enjoy them non-stop on a lazy weekend.

Get into the groove with HedexTV music

TV and VOD content aside, HedexTV is also a music live streaming service provider. So, why not turn on some channels with tunes and listen to upbeat songs? Find your jams, from retro to disco and rock hits, and let them fill your home or office.

We complement music streaming with a range of dance channels for avid rhythm seekers. Choose from multiple tracklists on HedexTV to find ones that you won’t resist moving to. We’ve got you covered for all things entertainment.

Our music and dance channels have no limitations, just like HedexTV live TV online service. That means you can listen to and watch them without any subscriptions or streaming fees. Enjoy!

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